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Mary Lu

Today we celebrated our JFTS member Mary Lu’s fifteen year as a JFTS member !! Yes that’s correct you heard that right folks 15 years with JFTS that makes her the “ Longest JFTS Member Ever “

I was very honoured to present her with this Beautiful hand made one of a kind award made by lesters trophies ❤️

Here’s a few pictures of Mary lu with her workout buddies they’ve been working out together for over three years 😊

We all love you Mary Lu

You continue to inspire me and us all each and every day

Love you Jason and your JFTS Family ❤️

Tracy Dempsey

Hey everyone. Welcome member of the month at our WEST SIDE location Tracy Dempsey. There’s not enough words to express how proud we are of her. I will let her tell her story. Here’s a few words from Tracy.

Luv your JFTS FAMILY 💖

I have been a member of JFTS Strength and Conditioning from day 1- I couldn’t wait to join when the doors opened. Through the challenges and classes, I have made incredible friendships and really learned that my body was capable of more than I ever could have imagined. With Jason and Annette guiding me, I lost over 30lbs and became the healthiest I have ever been.

It’s because of these changes I was able to realize when something wasn’t right with my body and following my intuition, I went to my doctor. In March I was diagnosed with cancer. My doctors stated the fact that I was in such good shape was in my favor and I was advised to keep it up. I am back up to working out at least 4 days a week to help combat the side effects from chemo. Jason is helping me with stretching & mobility in preparation for upcoming surgery and radiation. Annette is always encouraging me & making sure I am not pushing too hard. I always feel encouraged and supported by the staff and the other members. Proud to be part of the JFTS family 😊

Patsy Conway

Hey everyone , We would like you all to meet our JFTS member of the Month Patsy Conway .Pat has been with us for 10 years now and to be honest they’re no one quite like her .Shes one of the sweetest , funny , caring people that I have ever met in my life and I love her .Pats laughter can be heard from miles away ha ha . She always walks into the studio with positive asking how everyone is and always has that big contagious smile 😊

Pat you one of a kind , a precious find ..thanks

For being apart of the JFTS family all this time

Here’s a few Words from

Patsy ;

Thank you Jason for this 10 year membership recognition plaque and kind words.

My story: Ten years ago I joined Jason's Functional Training Studio. Best decision I've ever made.🙂 This gym have awesome, challenging workouts. The metabolic & functional classes, get you fit and stronger. JFTS Strong 🏋️‍♂‍

Jason and his team are truly caring, passionate and supportive to us, the Members !

I love the people, the laughter and camaraderie  Best gym We are Family ❤

We all love you here at JFTS Pat !!

Here’s to 10 more incredible years of health , happiness and laughter ❤️

From your JFTS Family ❤️


Hey everyone we are proud to announce our member of the month for March is Cortney Dorcas 🙂

Here’s a few words from Cortney ;

I was a part of the transformation challenge it was an incredible experience. At first I was nervous and didn't think I could do it. I really wanted to do this to help get me back on the right track and get healthy again. I gained extra weight after having my daughter and I thought this would be a great way to get my butt in gear. Because of the challenge, I've redeveloped a healthy relationship with food again and feel more confident about my body image. I've lost about 40 pounds and lost some inches. Clothes fit and look better!

It's incredibly worth it to do, as its creating new healthy habits and bettering yourself both mentally and physically.

Being a member at JFTS has been such an amazing experience for me. I've been able to re establish a healthy perspective on food and improve my physical health. I never feel out of place and everyone is so welcoming and friendly! Couldn't ask for a better gym! Love my JFTS fam jam!

Keep up the great work Cortney you have done absolutely amazing !!

JFTS Proud ❤️

Real People…Real Results !

 John and Mary -Angela McCluskey

We have been members of the JFTS family since 2014. Jason and the team presented us with a lovely award recently recognizing us as the longest standing couple at JFTS. We were both very touched by this and the award not only speaks to our commitment but more importantly to Jasons commitment to his members .

Our journey began in the basement of Jason’s home and then we moved along with him to Holy Trinity School gymnasium and then to the studio on Rothesay Avenue. It has been a long and worthwhile journey. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, accommodating and motivating. The studio is clean and the workouts are safe and challenging and can be easily adjusted to various fitness levels.

Our improved fitness level and mobility has allowed us to achieve some personal goals such as climbing Mount Carleton. We are both 60 + in age and have been married for 39 years. We hope to have many more years of fun and fitness with Jason and his wonderful team.

Mary Angela and John

 Joanne Boyer

I joined JFTS with friends when it opened at the West location and haven’t looked back. I had been to some of the metabolic classes before that out East and I was hooked . I knew that this was what I wanted and to get better at it.

I was basically a newbie to the gym world but I quickly realized that I needed the gym’s help to stay healthy . In 2016 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and in 2018 , a debilitating B12 deficiency where I was falling frequently and losing my balance joints ached constantly . Now with medical treatment and exercise, I am so much better.

Upon joining , I had two main objectives... to increase muscle strength and to improve my balance . My programs are designed to reflect that. I do have goals that haven’t been met yet but as they say .. I’m a work in progress.

I love the JFTS family atmosphere. The trainers are always so willing to give guidance, encouragement and personal support .

I enjoy the camaraderie amongst the members .

Today, at 66 , I am stronger with more energy and confidence than ever before because of JFTS .

JFTS is a very positive experience and I look forward to working out with my gym buddies (especially my favourite buddy Lee).

Thank You Team for your never ending love and support! 💕

~ The gym just makes me happy ~

 Nancy McEwen 

We are very proud to have this AMAZING lady as our members of the month for October 2020 !

We would you all to meet Nancy McEwan 😊

Here’s a few words from Nancy ;

I have been a member of JFTS East for many years now. I will never forget the day I walked in very overweight and thinking what would people think of me. I can’t tell you how quickly you see that this gym is like no other, welcoming, supportive and friendly. I have struggled with weight my whole life and probably ways will. This year when Covid shut the world down and I was working from home and could not go to the gym or see family and friends.... I started walking with my neighbour, social distancing of course, 5km per day. That got me through, that and the home and live workouts that Jason and Annette did. I started losing weight and for some reason this time something “clicked” and it wasn’t quite so hard. Having a waking partner who was reliable and encouraging certainly helped. I have been able to drop 50lbs since March and there is no stopping me now. I set a goal to lose 50lbs by my 50th birthday and I did it. Thank you JFTS and for your amazing support,caring team (family) and encouragement.

Nancy , you are doing absolutely amazing , your killing your workouts at the studio and you continue too eat healthy & you my friend

Will #Inspiresomeone ❤️

Lauren McNulty

Over the last few years I have tried many different fitness

programs and diets, however JFTS has given me the most

amazing mind set and atmosphere to achieve my goals that

I have not been able to achieve at other facilities. They

have helped me stay on track and continue to keep me

motivated especially throughout all of COVID. They are

often changing the classes making them more challenging

and encouraging their members to try new things. Going to

the gym everyday has become a great outlet for me through

this stressful time, I would never have gotten as far as I have without my support system at not only the gym but also at my work- Bobby’s hospice, as well as family and friends. Since joining I have lost approximately 50lbs and have adopted an entirely different/ more healthy lifestyle all together.

Thank you JFTS for everything you have helped me achieve so far and as I always say “ I’m not done yet “