You will be provided guidance and proper instruction which will allow you to walk away feeling better, moving better, and better informed. Most importantly, though, our goal is to motivate, inspire, and help you to see your true potential. Whatever your goal may be, whether it is a pushup, a pull-up, weight loss, or just showing up; hearing you say “I DID IT” is our sole aspiration.

I promise to maintain the FEELING of JFTS and never lose sight of WHY we are here. Our success always has and always will depend solely on the success of our members. Signing up for a JFTS membership is not joining a gym, it’s becoming part of a family. Thank you for trusting us to help each of you along your fitness journey.

~ Jason

Why JFTS ?

I know that seems like the easy go-to answer, but with JFTS , it’s the honest truth. I have racked my brain several times over when this question is asked. “What makes Jason’s Functional Training Studio so special?” I start to consider all facets of being a business owner. Maybe it’s my advertising acumen and social media utilization, the quality of equipment we provide, the amazing trainers we have, or simply superior programming. Though I’m sure some of these factors may play a part in the decision-making process of some members, I’ve found the one consistency that I can guarantee is the unwavering commitment to our members. This is why our team gets up everyday and makes our way to that welcoming studio on Rothesay Avenue. In retrospect, full commitment to member success has always been the one and only true goal of JFTS

Members-first value . . .

Although I always had aspirations of owning my own studio, my path did not begin there. I, like many others, started with a large corporate ‘box’ gym; where I quickly learned my members-first values did not align with the money-first franchise model they exhibited. I could not, in good faith, continue to operate under a value system that clashed so intensely with my own. While I’m not naïve to the necessity of money for a business to thrive, I have learned that strictly monetary values will not be what KEEPS the doors open. We have all seen many gyms and studios come and go in our city. Moving forward, I realized my approach would always be to focus on the PEOPLE and not the money.

The right things . . .

JFTS 2.0 is not just a place where people come to work out. It is a studio where we collectively choose to focus on the right things: helping people change their lives for the better. We refuse to fall in line with equating members to numbers on a chart. Every member is a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, or sister with a family and a life; you will always be treated that way here. Whether it’s a high five, pat on the back, a shout-out on our board, or a much-needed hug and conversation; our team is willing to support.


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680 Rothesay Ave, Saint John

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