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Strength & Cardio Area

Strength Training

Our strength training section offer dedicated benches and squat racks as well as dumbells up to 90LBS and fixed weighted barbells. We have plenty of accessories to give you that boost during your training. From resistance bands to ab wheels and variable box height for jump training. Cable machines and accessories as well as different types of barbells are all available with all of our memberships!

Cardio & Endurance

Not only do we have treadmills, bikes, battle ropes, and stairclimbers. We also have turf for all your dryland training, mobility training and static or dynamic exercises. Included in our cardio area is the airdyne bike!

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Family , Couples & Senior 55+ 



Smoothie Bar

Bathrooms / Changing room

24/7 Access

$28.75 per person taxes included !

Regular rates 24/7



Smoothie Bar

Bathrooms / Changing room

24/7 Access

$35 taxes included !

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“Can I do this, am I too old, will I fit in?”

I had so much anxiety!

The support I received from my Trainer, the workouts, meal plan and the group page was amazing.

The transformation challenge gave me what I was looking for, I not only lost weight and inches but to me gained so much more!

Confidence, energy and friendship!

Transformation challenger - Jan.3.2021